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Primary Computing CPD Overview

All courses and CPD are fully funded by the DFE and are free to attend. For the full day face to face courses, state-funded schools in Education Investment Areas (Lincolnshire) will also receive a £205 subsidy to cover supply costs (1 subsidy per school in a given academic year).

All titles are hyperlinked - for further details click on the title.

Face to Face CPD Short Courses - remote Online - self-led Subject Leaders - CQF

Leading Primary Computing Day 1

Leading Primary Computing Day 2 - now remote

Primary Computing for All

Crumbles / Microbits Short Course

BeeBot and DataLoggers Short Course

Developing and supporting programming within your primary school- face to face

Assessment of Primary Computing

Implementing the Teach Computing Curriculum

Preparing for Ofsted

Getting Started in Y1

Getting Started in Y2

Getting Started in Y3

Getting Started in Y4

Getting Started in Y5

Getting Started in Y6 

Introduction to the Teach Computing Curriculum

Adapting the Teach Computing Curriculum for mixed-year classes

Assessing Computational Thinking in Primary Schools

Online Safety through Computing

Careers & enrichment in primary computing

Teaching programming using Scratch & Scratch Jr

Computing Quality Framework - driving change within your school

Literacy via primary computing – building vocabulary and embedding literacy skills

Get started with the Teach Computing Curriculum in your primary school

Creating an Inclusive Classroom - approaches to supporting learners with SEND in computing

Introduction to Primary Scratch

Teaching Programming to 5 - 11 year olds

Teaching Computing Systems and Networks to 5 - 11 year olds






Monday 8th January 2024

Thursday 29th February 2024

Monday 22nd April 2024

Thursday 13th June 2024

The Teach Primary Computing Certificate 

A nationally recognised certificate to add to your CV.  This professional development program provides an accreditation in recognition of the CPD you attend and the learning you have completed.

Computing Quality Framework

Designed to help schools review their progress in developing an exemplary computing curriculum. 

Accreditation - When you are able to show good practice, you can apply for the nationally recognised Computing Quality Mark, which is awarded by STEM Learning on behalf of the National Centre for Computing Education.