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Religious Education

Religious Education is a lively, vital subject where Key Stage 3 students start by looking at the nature of religion and faith. Areas of study include ‘ultimate questions’, the soul, values and beliefs. They will learn the key teachings, beliefs and practices of Christianity and the major world religions. In this way students develop an understanding of how religion affects the lives of people. Delivery of Religious Education is in accordance with the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus.

A variety of activities and approaches enable students to develop a range of skills. Students are encouraged to engage in debate and to ask searching questions. In this way they will learn to think critically and to develop their analytical skills.

The exploration of a wide range of world faiths, examining their practices and beliefs in a variety of ways, helps to produce students who enjoy developing their own belief codes and who appreciate the reasons for other strongly held systems of belief.

Chris Carter, creator of The X Files said that he was a non-religious person in search of a religious experience. There can be no end to your search in life but the role of the R.E. teacher is to help you to question and discover the meaning of life for yourself.  It is often said that it is easier to judge a person’s mental capacity by their questions than by their answers.  Raising questions is one of the most important activities in R.E. But don't expect R.E. lessons to provide all the answers! Responding to a question with another question is not a new technique. You may leave the lesson annoyed and frustrated that you haven’t had your answer but at least your journey has advanced.

Curriculum Offer

Lower School – Year 7/8

All students follow Religious Education in lower school.


At GCSE we use AQA and all students complete a Full course GCSE in Religious Education

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At A level students can choose to follow Religious Studies or Philosophy. For both course we use AQA.

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To vist the examination board website for Philosophy  click Here