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What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent)

English is about who you are, how you express yourself and how you think critically about the world around you.

It is our intention to improve the life chances of our students so that they can become active citizens of their world.  From the study of English Language and Literature, students can make limitless personal connections to the world around them.  Our curriculum is challenging and engaging. It looks at the broad span of the history of English as a language and as a body of literary works.  Students will study the developments in literature from early sagas, to plays, the development of poetry and the emergence of the modern novel.  All forms of media will be explored and questioned as sources of information and forms of writing.  We seek to deepen students’ experiences of culture, ideas, places and people so that they can engage actively with all that life has to offer.  We wish to make students question everything that they read; be sophisticated orators and competent narrators.

What do students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

People gain the skills of critical, balanced analysis, cultural literacy and emotional awareness through the study of literature.  Students can succeed and flourish in a contemporary society dominated by technology through the study of Media.  Learners gain facility with language that allows them to communicate in ways that make their lives easier in the future.   Students challenge assumptions and become critical thinkers.  It is about dissensus and consensus- the disagreements are as intellectually engaging as the agreements.  We learn to tolerate other viewpoints by immersing ourselves in the experiences of others.  English language is personal, social and political – it shapes us and our world so studying and mastering its use is vital.

English Curriculum and Assessment

GCSE Years 9,10 and 11

All students take GCSE English Language (8700) and GCSE English Literature  8702 at the end of year 11: Some students opt to take GCSE Media Studies.

To visit the English Language examination board website -AQA click HERE

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To visit the Media Studies examination board website  AQA click HERE 


To visit the English Literature examination board website -AQA  click HERE

To visit the English Language examination board website -AQA click HERE

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