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Year 9

As a Year 9 you are entitled to the following careers provision at The Priory Academy LSST:

Head of Year 

Head of Year for the Year Group. Will Liaise with subject teachers and Form Tutor and encourage and support progression through the Academy. 

Pastoral Support 

Access to a pastoral manager, experienced in advising students in the particular year group. A none teaching member of staff who students can go to with any concerns they may have. 

Awareness Programme 

Topics studied in Awareness: 

  • Labour Market Information 

  • Types of employment 

  • Understand where to look for jobs and what is required to apply 

  • Understand what questions might be asked in a job interview 

  • Personal profile 

  • Young people’s employment and the law 

Learning Mentor 

Either a senior student or a member of staff who can advise and coach in a particular subject. 

Peer Listener 

A senior student to whom students can go to with any concerns that they may have. 

Access to a Pathways meeting 

The opportunity to speak to the Academy Careers Team or a Trust careers advisor about their career choices and receive advice and guidance on next steps after school. 

STEM Activities 

Access to a range of STEM activities delivered both in and out of school. 

External Visitors 

External visitors such as UTC and Lincoln College to present other possible education routes.