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Would you like to know....

Why Jane thought she was a tennis ball?

Why some people think that criminals are actually doing us all a favour?


Why Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster are three of the greatest TV characters ever invented?

If so then Sociology is the subject for you!

Sociology is the subject for people who are interest in...people! We will challenge your preconceptions, help you understand sociological theory and encourage you to look at the world from different angles.

Curriculum Offer


We only offer Sociology from Year 12. We don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge but should be confident in your essay writing skills.

The department offers Advanced Level Sociology through the AQA board. There are two exams at the end of each year, four in total for the qualification. There is no coursework.

As a school we have chosen to study:

Unit 1: Families and Households

Unit 2: Education and Research Methods

Unit 3: Global Development Sociology

Unit 4: Crime and Deviance with Research Methods

To visit the examination board website click Here