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Skills Pathways

Life After Levels

Year 7 and 8

Based on national research and good practice in other academies and schools, we have a ‘Pathway’ system in Year 7 and 8 of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum in order to assess progress.

As an academy we receive the raw scores attained in assessment in English and Mathematics at the end of Year 6 and in some cases a teacher assessment of above/at/below age related expectations. Students in Year 7 will be given a target pathway which indicates the range of grades they should expect to be working towards for their GCSE courses.

Each pathway incorporates a range of predicted attainment grades that are shared with students and used in lessons. Module Grade reports to parents will indicate three times a year if students are working in line with their predicted pathway based on evidence from lessons and through internal assessments.

Please click on one of these links for the pathways for English, Science and Mathematics as examples of pathways in those subjects.

English Skills Pathway

Maths Skills Pathway 1  Maths Skills Pathway 2

Science Skills Pathway