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What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent)

Learning a Modern Foreign Language is academically challenging, stimulating, rich and rewarding, relevant and highly valued as a lifelong skill.  We fundamentally believe that every student in our Academy should be able to communicate in a language other than English in an ever-increasingly competitive globalised world.  As a result, we wish to instil the necessary curiosity, confidence and courage in our students to embark on global adventures, thereby broadening life experiences and horizons.  As MFL staff, we have all lived abroad at some point and there is a great sense of achievement to be gained from placing oneself in a challenging situation and knowing that you have independently found solutions to difficulties through one’s own linguistic competence.

What do our students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

Through the study of a Modern Foreign Language, students are properly equipped for the demands of an increasingly globalised world and shaped into tolerant, successful individuals with an international outlook.  Students gain an understanding of target language customs and cultures and an appreciation of the role of language in international relations.  Language study enables us to oppose closed mind-sets and provides liberation from insularity.  The study of MFL broadens, enhances and enriches a student’s studies, ensuring our young people become effective, confident communicators and resilient learners with highly developed personal and transferable skills.  Students develop strong linguistic skills with a secure grammatical foundation to ensure that in the target language they can negotiate meaning, effectively manipulate language and successfully produce language for real, practical purpose.  Students leave our Academy with a highly valuable and valued qualification that can open doors, provide wider opportunities and greater employment prospects, thereby securing rich and rewarding future experiences.

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Map and Assessment

GCSE- Languages Current Y10 and Y11

Students must do at least one Language to GCSE, either French or German. They can opt to study two languages at GCSE level.

AQA GCSE French- Click here   

AQA GCSE German- Click here       

GCSE for current Year 9 onwards  Edexcel GCSE Modern Languages | Pearson qualifications

A Level Languages Current 13

AQA A Level French- Click here

AQA A Level German- Click here

GCE for current Year 12 onwards  Edexcel A level Modern Languages | Pearson qualifications