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A vital aspect of The Priory Academy LSST ethos is to ensure that students develop a wider cultural perspective and an increased sense of responsibility for other communities and the natural environment. To this end, the Academy places a huge emphasis on students enjoying a wide range of opportunities to travel abroad and to experience foreign cultures. Opportunities for students in 2023/24 include visits to Germany, France and Italy.

We support the World Challenge programme, and this has been running for about 12 years. Opportunities are available to take part in this exciting challenge, which involves working on a community project in lesser developed countries across the world. Most recently in summer 2022, students visited Ecuador for three weeks and experiences included the Northern Andes trek, climbing Pasochoa volcano, swimming in the waterfalls of Mindo and visiting the cloud forest. Students also helped communities during their time in Ecuador by making compost, creating new paths, weeding and planting food such as pineapples and bananas. In 2023/34 a group of students are looking forward to our next World Challenge visit to Borneo!

Community and charitable work is encouraged and popular. Over the last two years our students have raised funds in support of Cefovid as part of Jamie's Legacy in memory of student Jamie Perkins. Cefovid is a charity in Uganda that ensures young people in Uganda with little support and/or financial means have access to education, healthcare and housing. As part of this work our students have now also began to sponsor the education of Nantongo Renia (pictured below). Each year our Year 7s raise £200 so Renia can continue to receive an education and write to Renia telling her all about life in England. Regular updates from Cefovid allow us to see Renia's journey as she grows and flourishes.