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Information for Parents and Assessors


As parents you play a vital role in the success of your child's DofE Award. They will need support and encouragement to attend weekly after school expedition training and complete at least one hour of DofE section activity per week. This activity must be recorded on an activity log (found on the section pages) and then on the eDofE system to which they will have access.

Some participants may be doing one section based on an activity at home ie; personal running for a physical or looking after a pet at home for a skill.  Family members can sign the activity logs, but DofE rules no longer allow a section to be assessed by a family member. So, if they are doing a section based at home they will need to arrange for a suitable adult, outside of their family, to mentor and assess them in that section. Before starting any section, all participants must submit their section planner on eDofE giving details of what they will do, where, when they will start and who their assessor will be. Their DofE leader can then advise them on suitability before they start the section.


If you have been asked to assess a participant for a section, please ensure that you have a conversation with the participant at the start of the section as mentioned above. You will need to discuss the following with the participant:

  • What section it is and the category the activity fits in to.
  • That the participant has applied to their DofE Leader for approval of the activity and recorded it on eDofE.
  • Decide the start date and duration of the activity (see section specific pages).
  • Discuss and record an aim for the section and agree some short term objectives.
  • Discuss any training or health and safety briefings that may be needed at the start.
  • Agree a system of recording activity and periodically checking progress.

Please note some excellent guidance on what should be in an assessors report can be found in the attachments to this page below.

Once started the participant should carry out the activity at least once a week for a minimum of 1 hour of activity time (per section). This must be recorded on an activity log so that participation can be proved at the end.

At the end of the section, the participant must review the activity with the assessor. If the assessor is happy that they have participated fully and developed from the activity (possibly achieved their aims and objectives) then they can pass the activity. You can do this by either:

  • Complete and sign the assessor card that the participant will give to you.  The participant must then scan this in and submit on eDofE.
  • Phone in a report using the iPadio process (see attached sheet below).
  • Directly enter your report via the DofE main website, Assessors page at

If you have any questions please contact Mrs C Thompson on or via 01522 871395.