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Gifted & Talented

At The Priory Academy LSST there are a number of opportunities available to provide stretch and challenge in students’ learning across the curriculum and further opportunities and activities beyond the curriculum supported by different subject areas.


As part of Art and Design we encourage our students to change and adapt ideas as their work develops and to make strong visual connections between their own work and that which has been studied. We challenge our most able students to consistently critically analyse their work as it progresses in order to reach high level quality work. Working effectively as part of a group on a challenge or set task is also encouraged and supported.

  • London trip – Art galleries (GCSE and A level)
  • Florence trip (A level)
  • Art clubs at all key stages
  • Annual Arts extravaganza
  • Clay sculpture workshop with visiting artist


There are many activities and opportunities for high ability students in English.  In the sixth form, wider critical reading is enabled through student access to the library’s online subscription to Emagazine (for A level English Literature and Language students) and students are able to enrich their interpretations of plays by watching productions through departmental subscription to Digital Theatre.  In Key Stage 4 a wider choice of text and tasks is available for the most able students, for example texts often set for A level, such as A Streetcar Named Desire, have been successfully studied as a coursework text by the most able.   In Year 11, students have the opportunity to work in small groups on enrichment tasks related to areas such as imaginative and descriptive coursework, and go on to lead seminars for other class members.  In Year 9 the most able students, are challenged with regular vocabulary extension tasks, and have completed wider reading and essays of the kind that appear on the A level syllabus.  For all key stages, most able students are encouraged towards extra-curricular opportunities such as Priory Press (in association with Young Journalist’s Academy). 


Geography has an extremely active programme for our most able Geography students. They are quickly identified, given differentiated work in lessons, challenged by comprehensive questioning and shown clearly the criteria that they need to meet to achieve at the highest levels. Those who excel in Geography will also be invited to take a lead role in composing the Geography House quizzes and to participate in the Geography club which meets twice per module and looks at ‘Geography in the News’. Beyond the classroom many of our most able students are keen to be involved in field trips in the UK and visits abroad to places as exciting as Iceland! Most importantly our talented Geography students are encouraged to develop a real passion for the subject and staff are always ready to help them explore their individual interests.


The nature of our work in History ensures challenge is always available for the most able. That challenge may come in the form of a critical analysis of a pictorial or written source, applying contextual knowledge and making synoptic links between key events or evaluating different historical interpretations and considering the historical arguments behind them. Most able students are always extended within the classroom environment and achieve highly at GCSE and A level.


High ability students are well supported and encouraged in Mathematics. They achieve highly at GCSE and A level. The most able are encouraged to opt for ‘Further Mathematics’ in order to explore concepts at a more complex level. Students are taught in sets according to their ability which allows the talented mathematicians to make accelerated progress through teacher intervention, challenging questioning and peer support. There are also a huge variety of programmes and activities running beyond the classroom. Some of these include:

  • Maths Challenges for all year groups
  • Maths extension group
  • Junior Team Challenge
  • Maths Inspiration Talks


There are many opportunities for the most able students in the modern languages department. They are given differentiated challenges in lessons, involved in extension programmes and are chosen to be a ‘dual linguist’ which allows them to take more than one language for GCSE. Other opportunities for our most able students include:

  • German Exchange – builds confidence and helps proficiency
  • Visit to Black Forest- French and German
  • Spelling Bee – French and German (year 7)
  • French club
  • Dual linguists G & T workshops – writing fairy tales and writing poetry
  • Extra language sessions with native speakers


The Music department provides a wide range of opportunities for talented musicians throughout the year. The five choirs (2 auditioned), String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Orchestra, African Drumming Club, Music Tech Club and Music Theory Club provide opportunities for musicians with a  wide variety of interests to develop their skills during extra-curricular activities with other like-minded students, supported by specialist members of staff. In addition to the annual Service of Nine Lessons are Carols, which involves over 100 talented singers, many of these choirs and ensembles compete in the Lincoln Music Festival and perform in awards ceremonies and the Arts Extravaganza. Talented soloists are given opportunities to perform in front of their class on regular occasions, as well as giving lunchtime recitals in the chapel and performing in awards ceremonies and the Arts Extravaganza. Peripatetic music teachers provide individual vocal and instrumental lessons to talented students.



As Psychology is only offered in KS4 and 5 the most able are quickly identified and supported to achieve the top academic grades. Challenge incorporated into lessons through questioning, building up of evaluative skills and developing strong written technique is integral to the success of our most able candidates. They are encouraged to be independent with some choosing to sit online Psychology examinations and access courses run by the Open University.


There is a wealth of opportunities offered for our most able students in Science. We teach Science in sets and this allows the most able to experience an accelerated curriculum and complete both core and separate science modules. Able science students will be encouraged to work independently and to get involved in opportunities beyond the classroom. These may include:

  • Year 7 STEM club
  • Year 8 STEM club crest award
  • Accelerated GCSE sets and extension option science
  • Visit to the Science department at Bishop Grotesste University
  • London STEM trip to museums and centres of interest


In Technology every activity that involves designing and making is planned to allow most able students to show creativity in their ideas.  Initial ideas that show originality or are innovative often need better planning and manufacturing skills.  This allows the most able students to perform at a higher level throughout each activity in all areas of Technology.  Activities that extend learning beyond the classroom include:

  • Textiles – ‘Clothe the world’ activity
  • Electronics – Vex Skyrise competition (year 13)
  • Technology – Landrover 4 x 4Challenge (year 9)
  • Food tech – Masterchef challenges