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Financial Education

At The Priory Academy LSST we ensure all students have a Financial Education as part of our Personal Development Programme. Students learn about numerous key financial topics such as taxation, wages and salaries, savings and borrowing.

As well as this, we are able to offer the exciting opportunity for Year 10 and 12 students to complete a Financial Education qualification. The course has been designed by the London Institute of Banking & Finance, and is recognised by many leading universities. So, its completion not only helps develop an understanding of money, budgeting, the cost of living, loans and insurance etc. but it will also make students stand out when they apply for universities and jobs in the future.

The qualification itself is called the Lessons in Financial Education award (LiFE award) and can be completed entirely online over a period of approximately four months. During this time those taking part need to study for approximately 48.5hours (including 25 hours of guided learning). The course covers the topics of ‘Your Personal Finances’, ‘Money Management’ and ‘Your Future, Your Career’. For a more detailed breakdown of what each of these topics entail please follow this link:

Students, if you feel that this a qualification in which you would be keen to participate, please let Dr Wenman know by sending him an email.