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The expedition is a physical, team and organisational challenge designed to develop hard and soft skills in a team environment.   In outline; each team must plan and complete a journey for a number of days (see below) staying in a tent and fully supporting themselves.  The team must carry all the equipment and food they need for the duration.  They must cook and eat at least one substantial meal per day.  They are responsible for navigation and leadership of the team so that they complete their journey as per the route card that they have planned.   On route the team must have a stated purpose which they carry out on route. 

Each team has a series of training sessions that they are required to attend on Saturdays throughout the year at LSST. All expedition teams must complete a practice expedition and a separate assessed expedition. After the assessment each team must give a presentation of their assessed expedition which will include data and conclusions from their purpose work.  After this the expedition section is signed off on eDofE.   At each stage participants must update the expedition section on their eDofE account.


Bronze:  Normal Terrain (low level terrain) - Two day expedition with six hours of journey time per day.

Silver:  Normal Terrain (introducing hills) - Three days expedition with seven hours journey time per day.

Gold:  Wild Country (remote open hill/fell and moorland) - Four days expedition with eight hours journey time each day.