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Drama and Dance

What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent)

It is easy to be passionate about a subject, where every day you get to witness the growth of young people’s knowledge of self, and the world in which they inhabit.  Dance and Drama are uniquely equipped to move beyond a simple binary appreciation of our society and gain access to a wider appreciation of global culture and the way in which this shapes our lives. We recognise its ability to affect positive change in those who study it, and we have seen first-hand the transformative effect it can have on the emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing.  Drama and Dance are also essential in building a level of cultural capital, where students come to appreciate different forms of Dance and Drama from different cultures, as performers or as audience members.  This is crucial if people are to function to the best of their ability in an information rich, fast paced world.

What do our students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

It is our opinion that it is impossible to measure all of the ways that Dance and Drama can impact upon those who study it.  However, key benefits must include enabling students to become effective communicators and to embrace the power of their imaginations.  Emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy are some of the most important skills students can gain through studying Performing Arts, allowing them to develop into well-rounded individuals.  These are collaborative art forms that require trust and promote leadership skills through independent creativity and self-discipline.  In addition, both Dance and Drama teach students that success can be achieved via hard work and a resilient attitude when faced with the challenge of exploring this varied and intellectually rigorous subject.  We work to instil a respect for the Arts, as performers, creators or spectators, and the important part it plays in enriching our lives, whilst also recognising the emotional and artistic outlet it gives.

Dance and Drama Curriculum Map and Assessment



At GCSE, Dance follows the AQA course.

 To visit the examination board website for Dance click here


At GCSE, Drama follows the Eduqas syllabus.

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At A Level Dance follows the AQA course.

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At A Level, Drama and Theatre follows the Eduqas board.

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