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Design and Technology

What makes us passionate about our subject? (Intent)

Design and Technology instils qualities such as curiosity, enquiry and determination. Students are inspired, engaged and excited through carrying out a range of effective research and design and make tasks. Students thrive in learning how to work independently and collaboratively to gain an in-depth understanding of the creative and problem solving process. The sense of achievement and the rewarding nature of the subject results in a tangible manifestation of pride in the completion of a product.

What do our students gain by studying our subject? (Impact)

Through an understanding of the origins, use and transformation of materials and resources and the application of cross curricular knowledge, students will be able to confidently demonstrate a variety of valuable real world skills which result in a portfolio of work that can be used as a basis for further education or employment. Students can progress into careers in Engineering, Fashion and Textile Design, Food and Hospitality, Product Design, Industrial Design and Architecture.

Technology Curriculum Map and Assessment


At GCSE level students can study a range of Design and Technology courses.

Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE – Exam Board - OCR F&N

Design & Technology GCSE - Exam Board - AQA 8552

Design & Technology: Textiles Products GCSE - Exam Board – Edexcel 2TT01

Cambridge National Award Level 2: Systems Control in Engineering – Exam Board - OCR CN

Cambridge Nationals - Engineering Programmable Systems Level 1/2 - J824 - OCR

Cambridge Nationals - Engineering Design Level 1/2 – J822 - OCR



At A-level students can opt to study a range of Design and Technology courses.

Design & Technology: Product Design (3D) GCE - Exam Board – AQA 2550

Level 3 Foundation Technical Level in Engineering – Exam Board -  AQA

AQA | Design and Technology | A-level | Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles