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Eleanor of Castille

Eleanor of Castille was the youngest daughter to Ferdinand III of Castille. She was betrothed to Prince Edward, heir to the English throne, and both were married in October 1254. Eleanor is eulogised as a model of virtuous womanhood - married to King Edward I for 36 years and bearing no less than 16 children to the King, only six of whom survived childhood. In 1290, during the evening of November 28th in the Lincolnshire village of Harby, Queen Eleanor died of a slow fever - most probably tuberculosis. On December 4th her 172 mile journey to Westminster Abbey from the Chapel of St. Mary in Lincoln Cathedral began. The cortege stopped at 12 places on its journey, each of which was later marked by commemorative crosses to her memory - The Eleanor Crosses. The Lincoln Cross was erected at Swine Green near St. Katherine's Priory (at the foot of Cross O Cliff Hill), a fragment of which can be found in the Castle grounds. King Edward was consumed with overwhelming grief at his Queen's death and commemorated her in no fewer than three tombs, twelve memorial crosses and probably the greatest funeral display of any English monarch or consort. Eleanor of Castille; Queen of England Truly Regal origins!