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Each year group has an Assembly once a week during Personal Development time. Sometimes this will build on the session delivered in ‘Awareness’ which takes place earlier on in the week. Assemblies usually have their own topic. Similar to Awareness and Further Personal Development there are strands in Further Personal Development that help ensure the Academy covers all elements of Personal Development such as PSHE, SMSC and RSE. The strands of our Assemblies are:

  • Staying Safe – our Staying Safe assemblies are designed and usually led by our Safeguarding Team. These assemblies focus on important topics to ensure our students stay safe. Examples of topics delivered include FGM, knife crime and county lines, sexual harassment and violence and testing and screening for diseases.
  • Online Safety – these assemblies are delivered by members of our ICT department who have specialist knowledge of online safety. These assemblies take place once a module and each one focuses on a different area of online safety such as identifying online risks, misinformation, staying safe online and the impact of online behaviour on relationships. All strands of the personal development programme discuss the use of proper and safe use technology where applicable; this strand goes into a greater level of detail for some of these topics.
  • Academy Values – we have assemblies delivered by senior leaders and Heads of Year that focus on our Academy Values of Inspiration, Aspiration, Resilience, Respect and Innovation. Each assembly usually focuses on a different value and will have examples of that value from the wider world and explain why that value is important to us as an Academy and why we expect our students to demonstrate the value.
  • House System – each module our Enrichment Team organise a House Assembly. This gives students the opportunity to earn House Points in their Form Groups during the assembly itself. Usually there is a challenge as part of this assembly for students to complete to earn the points. As well this, the Enrichment Team use this time to share success stories and reward students for House Points earned in lessons, demonstrating our value and for success in the Enrichment Passport.
  • HoY – Heads of Year regularly have assemblies with their Year Groups. The focus of these is to further support the Personal Development of the year group. These assemblies:
    • Address current issues there may be in the year grup.
    • Address any current affairs that culd be causing students anxiety, stress or worry.
    • Further prmote the Academy Values.