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Admissions appeals 2022

The Year 7 LSST Admission Appeals Hearings for the 2022-23 academic year will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday 3rd May
Wednesday 4th May
Thursday 5th May
Tuesday 10th May
Wednesday 11th May
Thursday 12th May
Monday 16th May
Tuesday 17th May
Wednesday 18th May

The appeals will be conducted in line with the government's School Admissions (England) (Coronavirus) (Appeals Arrangements) (Amendment) Regulations 2020.

The Academy Presenting Officer will vary depending on the date of the appeal and could be either Mr Lee Mackrill or Mr Tim Verdon. The Academy facilitator will be Mrs Julie Staniland.

The Clerk will be Ian Wright.

The Panel Members for all appeal hearings will be Joy Lucas (Chair), Sue Hardy and Steve Taylor.


  • If moving home, both Lincolnshire County Council School Admissions and The Priory Academy LSST should be notified.
  • Where a place in Year 7 was not offered on 1st March 2022, an Admissions Appeal Pack will be posted to the parent/carer who submitted the local application.
    An appeal application form can also be found via the following link: Priory Academy LSST appeal application form (2022 entry)
  • The closing date to lodge a Y7 Co-ordinated Admission Appeal for The Priory Academy LSST is 1st April 2022.

Further admissions and appeals advice/information is available by contacting the Academy.