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2022 Induction

Induction for Sixth Form Students Starting September 2022

We hope you are looking forward to starting Priory LSST Sixth Form in September.  We hope that you found the Induction Day useful and now have an overview of the course outline for your chosen A Levels.

Over the next few weeks the material the teachers referred to on Induction Days will help you consolidate your learning in Year 11 and help prepare you for the new courses. The work should not take a huge amount of item - a few hours of each subject should be enough so don’t spend an excessive time in your holiday on this. You will not be ‘graded’ on the work but if you would like feedback or discuss aspects of it, about which you are not confident, please bring the work into a lesson early in September and the teachers will give you feedback and support.

Please email the teacher listed here if you are unsure about any of the work in the information packs.

Applied Business

Miss K Blackman

Art & Design - Photography

Miss C Bell

Art, Craft  & Design

Miss C Bell

AS Core Maths

Mr M McCoy


Mrs L Hanson

BTEC Applied Science

Mrs E Mason

BTEC Health & Social Care

Mrs E Mason


Mr N Millward

BTEC Sport

Mr D R Hill


Miss K Blackman


Mr S Atkin

Computer science

Mr R Jolliff


Miss H Scarratt

Design & Technology - Product Design

Mrs S Ward

Design & Technology - Textiles

Miss C Atkinson


Miss K Blackman

English Language

Mrs C Mann

English Literature

Mrs C Mann

Film Studies

Mrs C Mann


Mrs E Alexander-Grocott

Further Mathematics

Mr P Ryland


Mr I Pomphrey


Mrs E Alexander-Grocott

Government & Politics

Mrs L A Smith 


Mr A Crocker


Mr M McCoy


Mr S Billinger


Dr K Stephens

Physical Education

Mrs K Bentley


Mrs H Gourlay


Mrs L A Smith  



Mrs L A Smith

TECH Engineering

Mr N Millward

Theatre Studies

Mr S Craven