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Leading dance company inspires students

Dance students from The Priory took part in an inspirational workshop with members of world-renowned company Motionhouse.

Motionhouse is a leading dance company which tours and performs to audiences in theatres and at festivals throughout the world.

The company is renowned for ambitious experimentation with the performance environment and for developing large scale spectacles in which setting, action and context collide.

Two of their dancers came to work with The Priory Academy LSST's GCSE and A Level students in a professional master class. The students were challenged mentally and physically as they learnt new techniques, repertoire and how to improvise contact work

Here is what some of our students had to say about the amazing workshop that took place when two Motionhouse performers visited the academy and when we were lucky enough to watch their sell-out run at Lincoln Drill Hall:

“The workshop with Motionhouse was so inspiring. The strength and passion for dance that Alasdair and Keiron possessed was really amazing to see.  To have such an experience with professional dancers was incredible.”

“I feel so lucky to have had the experience and getting to meet the dancers after the show. ‘One to one’ was incredible. They were so willing to listen to what I thought about the show and all aspects of it and answered every question I threw at them. They even introduced me to the director Kevin Finnan! It was just amazing to have such a good experience and with such down to earth, lovely dancers from an incredible company!”

“I took part in a workshop with two of the dancers from Motionhouse. At the start I felt quite nervous due to the fact they are a really respected company who create amazing pieces of work, which they most definitely proved on Wednesday night.”

“Alasdair and Kieron were brilliant, not only in motivating us and keeping us going, but in the way they explained lifts and movements so it didn’t feel like they were dumbing it down for students. Thank you to them for not only pushing us hard but helping us develop as dancers as well!”