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The Priory CCF try to save the International Bomber Command Centre

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and a 90% loss of funding the International Bomber Command Centre in Bracebridge Heath ( ) is under threat of closure. Year 9 LSST student and CCF cadet Adrian R was distressed by the prospect of losing such an important memorial to those lost in World War II and so decided to raise some money to try and help.

Working with the CCF, Adrian came up with the idea of virtually climbing Mount Everest and calculated that it was 85238 steps/stairs to the top. With the help of his fellow cadets and some national media, Adrian and the team have split the stairs into individual targets of 897 per day for 5 days this week. It may not seem like many but the majority of us have only 12 or 13 stairs in our house so it requires each team member to climb those stairs at least 74 times a day!

The ambition of stair climbing is just the start. The funding is the more important element and therefore the team has set a target of £85 238 (equating to £1 raised for every stair climbed). We would love it if the wider Priory community, staff, students and parents could get involved, even if you just tried 75 flights of stairs and asked someone to donate in recognition of your achievements. All funding is directly linked to the IBCC through our Just Giving Page: Priory CCF Everest Climb, (  

Keep an eye out for the latest updates. Any queries please email