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Y9 students become teachers for the day!

On Wednesday the 11th December thirteen Year 9 students took the challenge upon themselves to teach sixty Year 5 students about the wonders of space and how one day we may make it our home.  They came up with lessons starting from looking at our own planet and the atmosphere that we have created, the aerodynamics and fuel requirements need to launch a rocket into space as well as thinking around the space race itself.  So many of our students came back with a new appreciation of teaching and an enjoyment of imparting knowledge.  Some of the quotes which came from the event were heart warming and encouraging from the students. “Today has been incredimazing!  We definitely improved throughout the day in our lesson delivery, from shifty and nervous, and reliant on the teachers’ help in lesson one, to making jokes and talking about our lives and interested in lesson three” and “Working with the smaller children was awesome, especially when they really seemed interested in what we are talking to them about and I hope they took something away from the visit.”  It has been fantastic to see our students develop in confidence and represent our Academy in such a fantastic way.