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HELP Yourself

In January thirteen students from the Year 9 Food and Nutrition group volunteered to take over the HELP Yourself campaign from the original members who have just completed Year 11. It was a challenge to take over from where others have left off, but we were all on board and keen to follow in their footsteps after they won their category in the EBP Schools Challenge at the Lincolnshire Show. The focus initially was to rebrand the campaign with the new logo and make our material more professional. The criteria of the competition includes the academy food plan and brain foods. To be successful we had to work as a team and divided a range of tasks between us so we all did our bit. These tasks included an awareness session, house competitions, recipe development, preparing our allotment proposal, researching both brain foods and the academy food plan. We wanted to make the HELP Yourself campaign self-funding so we created a range of merchandise to advertise our brand throughout the Academy and generate funds. This culminated in the opening our of shop in the Tech concourse at lunchtime on Thurs 13th  and Fri 14th June. This helped prepare us for the Lincolnshire Show on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June. We had the opportunity to man a stand, display our wears and explain our campaign to students from other schools, teachers, judges and the general public. The competition standards were very high this year. We achieved 3rd place in our category. The whole experience has been both challenging but enjoyable. We will continue to push our healthy eating and lifestyle campaign forward to make a difference to well-being of the academy community. We hope too that you enjoyed our next project - Health Wee- which started on Monday 1st July.


The HELP Yourself team