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Sixth Formers are Inspired by Lord Norton Lecture

Alice, Year 13, shares her experience of attending Lord Norton's lecture...

Conservative House of Lords member Lord Norton of Louth visited the Priory to speak to Year 12 and 13 history, philosophy and politics students about the structure of government and its key aspects; he particularly wanted to inform students on the role of the House of Lords and what his job as a Lord entails.

He covered a range of topics such as, ‘Does our system need to be reformed?’ and ‘What is the role of Parliament within government’? He explained his view that Parliament is the ‘binding’ ingredient of government, and that it ‘shapes us’ as it ‘permits and prohibits’ all that we do – we don’t realise it, but ‘Parliament directly affects all of us’, hence why he strongly believes we should all try to understand, and be a part of governmental issues as much as we can.

He stressed particularly how much he values people’s opinions and how he always encourages people to speak their minds. A voting activity then took place where students were asked to vote on what they thought about matters currently being discussed in government by raising their hands. Topics such as same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, and the displaying of cigarette stands were discussed, allowing students to become actively involved in the talk.

A question and answer session then followed where students had the chance to ask about areas of government which particularly interested them. Lord Norton happily answered every question and related them to wider issues in politics, which gave students a real taste of what goes on in our society today; this was assisted by a hand out that Lord Norton provided for students so they all had something to take away with them.

Lord Norton said, “It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. All the students were engaged and involved in the debate, and it was refreshing to hear so many lively and different opinions."

Beth Warden, a Year 13 philosophy and history student who attended the talk, said, “It was a brilliant opportunity to get an insider’s account of the government, or more specifically, the House of Lords. I found the talk incredibly interesting.”

This talk was therefore very successful in providing students with a real insight into the government of today. As a school, we are incredibly lucky to have had such a prestigious figure come and share with us their first-hand experience in the House of Lords.

Alice, Year 13