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Geography Trip to Norfolk

On the 27th February the Year 12 Geography students headed to Norfolk. The sun was out as we pulled up at Sheringham Park, where we learnt about environmental management and fieldwork techniques including soil sampling. The students also got to enjoy a walk round the park taking in the views of the coastline. That evening the students learnt how to write a methodology and carry out Spearman's rank. The following day was spent on the coastline, visiting Sheringham, Cley and West Runton to enable us to measure a shingle, sandy, managed and unmanaged beach. The students learnt fieldwork skills such as beach profiles, power's roundness scale and field sketches. In the evening, students learnt how to present data and worked out the correlation between sediment size and distance inland at Cley. On Friday, the students visited Norwich looking at regeneration and social inequality. Again the students learnt fieldwork skills including questionnaires and transects. The students also got the chance to use both primary and secondary data. The students are now applying what they have learnt in Norfolk back in class and getting ready to write an independent investigation.