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World Book Day

House teams competed in the Library for a Big Book Quiz on World Book Day. The teams were a combination of students from all year groups, and staff too; Avalon was at a slight disadvantage as the only team with no teachers on board, but there were several Year 11s on the team who read widely. Some of the questions were about modern children’s and YA fiction, but there were others about older classics for which it was definitely useful to have someone over the age of 25 on the team.


There were three rounds of questions: ‘Identify that Character’, ‘Missing Words’ and ‘General Book Knowledge’. Mrs Allan the librarian was, as always, a dynamic quizmaster and the teams gave it their all, the atmosphere being competitive and and full of suspense, with a few laughs to relieve the tension when Mrs Allan used her squeaker… The final results were: 1st place – Castille (with an impressive 21 points out of a possible 26), 2nd place – Alexandria (19), 3rd place – Sempringham (16) and 4th place – Avalon (11).


Well done and thank you to all participants! Happy Reading