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Team Alpha scoop two awards

Wednesday 20th June saw Team Alpha travel to Nottingham to contest the Regional Final of the Young Enterprise competition.  The sun shone, our spirits high, as we gathered on the minibus expertly driven by Mrs Cavill.  The challenges began before we even got to the Nottingham Trent University Business School; Mrs Cavill’s driving skills could not overcome the obstacle that was the maximum head height in the multi-storey car parks. Panic ensued… we took to the streets to seek guidance from the locals.  Sadly being told ‘it’s a shame that one isn’t open’ wasn’t going to solve our dilemma, and after several loops of the city centre, we managed to seek guidance from the Young Enterprise organisers.


Finally the team arrived and were able to set up their trade stand.  Given that the interviews and presentations take place in alphabetical order, we knew we would be up first (note to self, make sure next year’s team give themselves a name starting with Z).  The awesome foursome interview team aced the questions thrown at them whilst the others made the trade stand look amazing.  We would be lying if we said we didn’t seek the opportunity to suss out the competition; perusing their trade stands we could tell that we faced very strong competition…


With fire in their bellies (or was it hunger?) Team Alpha’s fantastic five took the stage first in the evening’s formal presentation slot.  The story of Harry the Hedgehog was received very well by the audience.  In a nutshell, this is how the story goes… Harry is a homeless hedgehog who needs a safe place to live in a cold, scary place called Lincoln.  A group of illustrious students collectively known as Team Alpha, make him a home.  They battle the issues of entrepreneurism in a harsh business world to continue to make their Creature Cabins for Harry’s friends and educate local school children about wildlife.  Special mention must go to the Managing Director here; he has a hidden story telling talent.  When rehearsing their presentation earlier in the day he was told, and I quote, ‘you should get a job on CBeebies’. 


Anyway, as previously said, the competition was very tough.  The standard of presentations was incredibly high and it was left to the judges to deliberate.  Even Rosemary Conley (yes the Rosemary Conley, other weight loss plans are available) approached us to say that she very much enjoyed the story and the team’s presentation.  After a nervous and very long wait, it was time for the awards.  Mrs Cavill and I again were sitting there, everything crossed (well as best we could, given last time’s efforts and the fact that it’s not easy to contort yourself as you get older) as the awards were read out.  Team Alpha scooped the awards for ‘Environment’ and ‘Health and Safety’ (watching one team member try to put on latex gloves was a sight to behold).  As the tension built, the awards for Runners Up and Winners were announced, but sadly neither was awarded to team Alpha.


Nevertheless the team did an amazing job.  They made a fantastic product and the resilience they have shown over the past few months has been admirable.  We are sure they will agree with us that they have gained invaluable skills for future employment. 


On behalf of Team Alpha we would very much like to thank the Technology Department.  Their generosity allowed the team to cut out the templates for the cabins, cutting costs dramatically.  We are very grateful for all of their advice and support in making the cabins.