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Maths Masterminds Mark a Victory

Charu tells us all about this year's Maths Challenge...

Maths Challenge is a competition which runs all around the nation to find some of the UK’s best young mathematicians. As a result of this, a specially selected number of pupils, who were thought to have excelled in the competition, were asked to join the Priory Maths Challenge team to partake in competitions against other teams in the UK.

There is an A team which includes the top male and female from both Year 8 and 9. The B team consists of the second best boy and girl from Years 8 and 9.

Not too long ago, on the 8th March 2013, our school hosted a maths competition inviting 26 other schools from Lincolnshire, to join us for the regional finals.

There were four rounds to this competition where each team would work together to find the answers to different puzzles and questions. At the end of these rounds there was a controversial victory by our very own B team, closely followed by our A team.

Pupils who participated were enthusiastic following their success, “It extended my maths knowledge greatly because I was working with Yr9 students as well as Yr8.” Hannah Clare, Yr8 B team.

The preparation to this event was harder than you might imagine. The pupils repeatedly gave up their Tuesday lunchtimes to practise and practise. However they couldn’t be in the position they are without Mr McCoy and Miss Bourke who have supported and coached them from the very beginning.

Following this great success by our maths geniuses, the A team and B team were merged, as only one team could represent each school, and were then invited to join the UK finals to compete against 79 other schools from around the UK.

On Monday 17th June 2013 Hannah Clare, Tom Woolsey, Amy Kempster and Cameron Dooley went along with Miss Bourke and Mr Hardy to London where they participated in five different rounds: poster; circus; mini relay; cross-number and relay.

Results showed that City of London School came first and The Priory Academy LSST came 75th which is the highest ranking that this school has received in this competition; it is also the best that Lincolnshire has done so it is a sure victory!

A huge congratulations to our maths prodigies and we hope to see them shine in the future! Well done to everyone who participated in the initial rounds and we expect to see another triumph soon.


Charu, Year 8