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CCF Attestation

On the 30th January the CCF hosted one of the most important ceremonies in our cadet career- our attestation. This is where the recruits demonstrated their basic cadet training via short sketches performed in front of parents/carers and our seniors in order to become official cadets. We spent our cadet session rehearsing our script and making sure that the evening would run smoothly.  Most of us were split into our sections (Army and RAF) and selected to perform drill, but some of us were put into much smaller mixed groups to demonstrate the other basic cadet skills: weapon handling, radio, first aid and weapon cleaning. All of these activities ran smoothly and we proved our capability well. After all the performances we had the beret ceremony where we all went to the front and formally received our headress and then a buffet where we had the opportunity to have photos taken and speak to members of staff; and then finally we all went home as full cadets. Now the RAF section will wear working blues around the Academy and both sections will have their berets to wear when appropriate, not to mention that we now have the ability to be promoted and achieve new cadet ranks and responsibilities. Being attested now opens up many more opportunities for us as cadets, like Adventurous Training week and all sorts of trips, and it means that we are all official members of the CCF.