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CCF Weapons Training Weekend

On Sunday 14th and Monday 15th of January around sixty cadets spent two days learning all about the L98A2 GP cadet rifle. During this time, we learnt NSPs (Normal Safety Procedures), weapon handling and stripping, the basics of cleaning the rifle and finally EAST (Eyes, Aim, Sights and Target). This was done partially through classroom work and note taking, but mainly through practical work and using the weapon during instruction. Throughout this whole process we were shown in detail exactly how to perform every aspect of our training and our leaders made sure we understood and kept up with the tasks we were given. We practised our work and learnt a lot. By the end, although it was difficult, we were all tested and we all passed with flying colours. We went from barely being able to identify the weapon to being able to perform function tests, immediate actions and all necessary safety procedures. Overall the experience was a huge success, and although it was a learning curve, everyone had fun and we all made incredible progress. The training weekend opened up an opportunity to fire the weapon soon afterwards with real ammunition and it will continue to open up opportunities in the future to allow us to develop our skills and continue to grow as members of the CCF.