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Christmas Cards for Doctor Who

Thank you to everyone who wrote a Christmas card from a fictional character to Doctor Who. We got some very imaginative entries and you have each won a point for your house. Winners this time are:


1st place – Rebecca James (9.8) for her lovely exchange of cards between Hermione Grainger and The Doctor (20 points for Castille);

2nd place – Wiktoria Sikorska (7.7) for her elaborately designed card from Clara Oswald (15 points to Sempringham);

3rd place – William Jackson (9.4) for his imaginative message from Missy (aka The Master) (10 points to Alexandria);

4th place – Catherine Davies (7.7) for her beautiful drawing of a gift-wrapped Tardis, from the Tardis itself to The Doctor (5 points to Sempringham).


Please come and collect your prizes this lunchtime in the Library – you will be able to see the Dalek activated!


Happy Christmas

Mrs Allan