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Key Stage 3 Pupils Impress the NHS

A Year 7 and Year 8 pupil have won the regional heat of an NHS Careers competition...

Pupils Isra Ahmed (Year 8) and Tassneem Mahfouz (Year 7) impressed the judges of the recent ‘Step into the NHS’ national schools’ competition when they presented an advertising campaign to promote the role of an NHS paediatrician to their peer group. Almost 2000 students were involved across the country so the girls clearly produced an impressive entry to win the regional contest. They put a lot of thought and time into engaging and persuading members of their own year group to take an interest in NHS Careers; their presentation consisted of a film advertisement and job description for their chosen role. Tassneem commented, “I really want to be a doctor when I’m older so I thought this competition would be a good opportunity to increase my knowledge of the career and demonstrate my enthusiasm.”

Presenting such a complex and serious career to a group of young teenagers would be quite a challenge to anyone, but Isra and Tassneem approached the task with originality and zeal: “We wanted to present it in a humorous way to begin with, in order to get everyone’s attention,” explained Tassneem. “We created a film which showed them how to be a bad paediatrician, doing everything wrong. We then showed them what a successful one does.”

Their efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Both girls won a £50 Amazon voucher, which was presented to them in assembly in May. The experience itself was also very rewarding for them: Isra confirmed, "We have learnt a lot about the day-to-day work of a paediatrician and are seriously considering a job in the NHS when we finish school.”