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Duke of Edinburgh Award Practice Expedition

Last Friday 21 students from the Academy left for their practice Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award expedition. This challenge included three days of walking on average 15k in the area of the Peak District per day and camping for two nights. Although the weather forecast for the area did not look great most people were in an optimistic mood and once we left the Academy the minibuses took us to our starting point and when we arrived we split into 3 groups and started our first leg of the journey. After a couple of hours walking in the rugged terrain most groups got into a good rhythm and hours flew by as we walked our first day. Even after a few hiccups in navigation all groups arrived back at the camp site for 19:00 on time and we all set up tents, cooked our first meals and went to bed for some needed rest. The next day we woke up at 7:00 and all groups had left the campsite for 9:00 or earlier and by the end of the second day it was a relief to reach our meeting point of Monsal Head and go back to the campsite. When we arrived back at the campsite we made acquaintance with the local residents of the site, the peacocks, and although they may be seen as majestic creature it may not be the same for the noises they make at night and, after we had set up our tents for the second night and had eaten food, we went to bed to be kept up by the squawking of the birds and fireworks from the local village celebrations. After not the best night's sleep everyone was up for 6:00 eating breakfast and all groups were packed away in under 1hr 30 mins. The last day was hard with not everyone in the best mood but ending at Chatsworth House was a great reward for three days of hard work and the weekend’s weather turned out to be excellent. Overall the three days was a great experience for those who had done Bronze and direct entrants and has prepared us well for the qualifying expedition start in September.

By Abigail Emery