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House Maths Challenge

On the 2nd March  2017 twenty four students from Year 7 and Year 9 competed to win the first ever Maths House Competition. The room was decorated in House colours and was filled with excitement. To begin with the mathematicians were given a questionnaire to get to know their team mates before they settled to watch an entertaining video about how the largest prime number was discovered.  Then came a round of quick fire questions where Alexandria got off to flying start.  In the problem solving round Avalon caught up and the two houses were equal as the event went into the final round.  This was a relay event with a range of questions from previous UK Junior Maths Challenge competitions.  Castille and Sempringham tried hard to catch the leaders but when the final scores were read out it was clear that Avalon had come first with just a one point difference between them and Alexandria. Overall, it was an intense afternoon which was much enjoyed by everyone who participated. Many new friendships were formed and several Year 9s commented on how good their Year 7 team members were at Maths. Mr Dinnie presented Avalon with the winning trophy and everyone received a chocolate egg for taking part.