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Y10 Visit to Oxford

Earlier in November twelve Year 10 students travelled to Oxford for a look around Lincoln College, one of the many colleges that make up the University of Oxford. The first part of the trip involved finding out about degree subjects and life in Oxford. Our ‘guide’ Claire explained the many opportunities that can arise at Oxford and gave a very insightful overview that prompted many questions from the students. Then the group were split into two groups of 6 and had a tour of the living areas, libraries and the whole Lincoln College. The students then enjoyed a delightful meal in the somewhat ‘Harry Potter like’ dining room. The afternoon consisted of a short visit to the Bodleian library, one of only three copyright libraries in the UK and some general sightseeing of the rustic city, along with another question and answer session with two existing students. The final part of the trip was a visit to one of the subject departments: Materials Science. This is the study of the properties of materials and what those properties could be applied to. These findings are to help engineers and other scientists to carry out research on things like Nuclear Fission or simply building structures such as bridges. We had a short introduction to the topic and then a tour of the department looking at the various microscopes and some quite complex machinery. That rounded off the day at Oxford and the students then took the minibus ride back home to LSST.