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Cadets lay wreaths at the Cenotaph


On Friday the 11th of November, a group of five cadets along with Sqn Ldr Thompson and Wg Cdr Middleton travelled to London to partake in the national remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph. The Cenotaph is a memorial in Whitehall, London. The day started off with waking up extremely early and going to the Academy at about 06:00 where we would then be transported down to the train station. At 07:07 we got on our train heading towards London with all our uniform, along with some last-minute shoe shining. We were all quite nervous as to what to expect from the upcoming experience. The train stopped at King’s Cross station and we took the tube, a rather crowded tube, down to the Royal Air Force club (a fancy RAF hotel in Green Park).

Once we were in the RAF club we all put on our uniforms and made sure we were ready and looking smart for the ceremony. Following that, we unboxed the wreaths and began the short walk down to the Cenotaph. It was at this moment we realised what we were about to do. We were the first cadets to ever take part in the Cenotaph parade on the 11th. Not only did we represent the Priory Academy LSST, but we also represented the whole Combined Cadet Force. At 10:40 we formed up in the parade. This consisted of school children, military representatives, Western Front association members, the Royal British Legion and bagpipes.  The ceremony itself began quickly, with the sound of the bagpipes as we walked down King Charles street and round to the Cenotaph. The ceremony consisted of speeches, poems, the Last Post and then laying of the wreaths. It was fantastic to see the Priory Academy LSST's wreath against the Cenotaph. Thousands of people will see it along with the Combined Cadet Force wreath.  Once the whole ceremony had finished, we walked back down to the RAF club with a quick look at some sights on the way.

When we arrived back at the club, we changed back into more relaxing clothes and got ready for some lunch. The lunch itself was superb, the brownies for pudding being the highlight of the meal. However this break didn’t last long as we had to catch our train again to head back home at 14:15.

Words cannot describe how incredibly proud we are to represent the Academy at the ceremony but also how amazing it was to represent the whole Combined Cadet force. Out of 42 000 cadets in the CCF nationwide, we were the 5 cadets to represent them. It was a fantastic feeling and a once in a life time opportunity that we are so grateful to have had.

 We would like to thank Sqn Ldr Thompson for organising the event and letting us go, and Wg Cdr Middleton for getting us access to the RAF Club. The 5 cadets who attended were: LCpl Alan Middleton, LCpl Abigail Emery, Sgt Joanne Clark, Sgt Alex Day and FS Callum Frances. If you see these five cadets around the Academy, please congratulate them on their fantastic achievement. The Academy was presented incredibly well and all should be proud of what they accomplished.


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