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Y10 Netballers continue their unbeaten run!

The Priory Academy LSST v Will Farr

Tonight the Year 10 team took on Will Farr and seemed confident and strong from the start. The girls worked quickly on court and with some fantastic play from Juliet Price and Sophie O'Boyle into the circle, the Year 10s were 8-0 up by the first quarter. We continued to dominate the game and every time Will Farr tried to attack our defenders Ella Wood, Jo Moomba and centre court players such as Yasmin Rickaby and Rebecca Yell just continued to turn over the ball. As GK, Katherine Hanrahan wasn't worked too hard but she still continued to own the rebound and feed the ball out accurately to her team mates. At half time we were 20 goals ahead, the girls continued their confident play with some lovely tips of the ball by Hannah Brown and Courtney Delaney the girls kept the pressure on and winning the ball back. With a change around in positions during the game Juliet Price worked tirelessly in defence, dominating the defending third and Rebecca was now able to link up with Sophie in the circle to create opportunitie to score.

Well done girls. A great game! Final score The Priory Academy LSST 40 Will Farr 5

Players players: Sophie and Juliet

Rebecca Yell
Yasmin Rickaby
Sophie O'Boyle
Juliet Price
Jo Moomba
Hannah Brown
Courtney Delaney
Ella Wood
Katherine Hanrahan