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RAF Cadets teach at Navenby Primary School

On Thursday 24th June, the RAF cadets took a trip to Navenby Primary school, to help them with their Armed Forces day.

The cadets hosted a round robin of different activities the children could enjoy. There was, Team Building, Drill, MTA, Blindfold Trail, Camping and Navigation, Mixed activities, Aircraft and Fitness. A day filled with fun!

Each activity slot was 45 minutes long, allowing time to explain and debrief the activity.

In the mixed activities lead Cdt Emery lead the activity really well. Her group split the year into two groups and played a variety of parachute games with them such as, shark and life guard and ball games. This activity, although not really related to cadets helped the younger children to learn to play together as a team, whilst having fun, which is a vital part of being in cadets.

In the team building exercise LCpl Jacques lead her team through two sorts of activities. One was to get the group through a spider’s web made of rope and the other one was a ball game, which they had to pass around them without it touching the floor or their hands.  This game proved to be challenging for some of the children, as they did have a tendency to drop the ball a lot. The first activity helped the cadets to work as a team to get their group through the web, it helped them to be able to overcome obstacles to finish the task.

The MTA group had the most challenging activity, which was to build a stretcher for the bag to be able to be carried on. However, the groups all completed the tasks successfully and were able to carry the bag with out it falling off the stretcher. This activity, helped the groups to not only work as a team, but to also listen to the leader Cdt Atkin had chosen. It also helped them to incorporate their own ideas and opinions to the group to help with the construction.

The Drill activity was funny to watch as the children were lead by LCpl Danes. This is because although they were all trying really hard with the sequences it made me laugh how they weren't in time. However, it was lovely to see that they all had smiles on their faces and were all joining in, really enjoying it.

"This is the best day of my life... the best activity ever", was what one of the children said after doing the blind fold trail, which proves they had an amazing time. The fitness and aircraft and camping and navigation were also really popular. LCpl Taylor did a fantastic job of teaching the children navigation and needs a huge shout out because he was really friendly and helpful to the children when they didn't understand.

At the end of the day the children all had huge smiles on their faces and the Cadets all did an amazing job of leading their activities and making the day enjoyable for the children. 

The Cadets Should be very proud of what they managed to deliver to the Navenby Pupils. Staff from the school were constantly praising our cadets for fantastic work. Well done to all cadets!

Written by LCpl Cannings


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