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Remembrance Day Competiton Smashes Expectations

Jacob ventures to the History Department to find out how students commemorated the First World War this year...

On the 23rd November the Remembrance Day Competition, hosted by Mrs Brooksbank and the History Department, went beyond expectations in numbers and quality. There were over 50 more entrants than last year. The Year 7s had to create a poster for Remembrance Day; Year 8s were tasked to create a design for a Remembrance Day memorial and Year 9 wrote pieces of creative writing about Remembrance Day.

The head of the competition, Mrs Brooksbank, said that she was extremely pleased with the turn out and thought it was because the competition was pushed to the forms by each Head of House. The media had also encouraged schools to celebrate Remembrance Day as it is almost the 100th year anniversary. Mrs Brooksbank explained, “It was all brilliant work and I had to get Mr Taylor to judge the competition because it was too close for me to pick.” The Year 8 winners, Anna Sayles and Tom Corthorn-west, told me that they "were thrilled about winning and the completion was really fun but coming up with ideas was a challenge.” Ellie Barker, a Year 9 winner, told me that she was extremely proud that she won the competition with her piece of creative writing. In total there were two winners per year: Cameron Tindall, Elisa Gratton(Year 7), Anna Sayles, Tom Corthorn-west(Year 8), Callum Janssen and Ellie Barker(Year 9).

Next year, Mrs Brooksbank is changing the format of the competition. Students will research their family members to find out about what happened to them during previous wars, as Mrs Brooksbank feels that this will be more powerful and will make the students more involved in Remembrance Day. Her idea was influenced by Mr Crocker’s speech at the Year 7 Remembrance Day ceremony.     

Jacob, Year 8