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Visitors from Prague Soak Up Lincoln Culture

Amy reports on the Priory Young Journalists' exchange trip.

On the morning of September 18th, ten young journalists from PORG School in Prague landed in the UK to meet their Priory hosts, all of whom are members of the Young Journalist Academy and Priory Newsroom. Their ages varied from 12-16 and each of the Czech students were selected to pair up with a Priory child. The main purpose of the exchange is to explore and enjoy each other's culture whilst sharing and developing new journalism skills together.

After settling into their temporary homes, they spent a day in school, getting an insight into our lifestyle and culture and how it varies from theirs. They accompanied their hosts to some lessons before interviewing a number of people around the school, including Sixth Formers, teachers, Mr Jones and some of their old school friends who are now living in the Robert De Cheney Boarding House.

In the five days they stayed with us, the Prague students spent a day in York and another in Lincoln with their hosts. Firstly, they visited The Collection, where they learnt about Lincoln’s past and what it was like compared to Prague's history. After lunch, they visited Lincoln Cathedral and the High Street, where they were introduced to the sights and sounds of Lincoln. In the Cathedral they were blown away by the sheer size of it and they had a competition to see who could locate the Imp first! 

When asked about his favourite part of the trip, John said, “I liked everything, but I liked the visit to the Lincoln Cathedral the most, because it was monumental. There are more historical buildings in Lincoln, whereas in Prague there are lots of modern houses.” Continuing with his comparison, John added, “I think Lincoln is smaller than Prague and everything seems to be bigger and faster in Prague.” When Betty was asked what she would miss the most, she said, “I will miss all of the new friends that I have made the most, and it will be disappointing to not come back. I hope I do one day.”


In April 2013, Miss Chester will be taking the ten Priory students to Prague to stay with their new friends and explore the city: "We have already produced and exchanged short films on our schools, but I think there will still be many surprises in store when we visit in person. PORG is much smaller than The Priory; no matter what year group they are in, all the students know each other. It will make an interesting comparison and the students will love the city itself," commented Miss Chester.

To see the film made about the visit, please go to 'Latest Videos' on our Homepage.

Amy, Year 8