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Students Gain Empathy Through Sports!

Chet reports on the latest craze in the PE Department...

This week, Priory students were given the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Paralympic blind athlete, and compete with their friends in a game of goalball. A House event for Year 8 students, goalball entails two blindfolded teams of three rolling a plastic ball into the other side of the court in order to score a point.

The Priory is always involving its pupils in original House competitions. Already a Paralympic sport, goalball is quickly growing in popularity.

The matches went on between houses and were open to boys and girls in Year 8. They were refereed by volunteers - both teachers and Sixth Form students. The ball was plastic with a bell inside so players could hear where it was. They were allowed to stand up but could only roll the ball; when they weren’t in possession, they had to be on the ground to save the ball.

“New and strange, it was really difficult to get the ball and your hearing needs to be sharp,” says a Year 8 student who took part.

The event was very successful and students are looking forward to more matches in the future.

Chet, Year 8