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County swimming

The start of the County Swimming Championships at Grantham Meres commenced at the weekend.

Many familiar names competed representing their individual clubs and many gained medals or achieved event age group Champion.

The swimming was again stunning to watch and there was some exciting finals.

The swimmers have to train very hard many times a week to be able to qualify let alone swim technically at a pace that is demanded by the events.


County Champions are:

Matty Broughton-6 Gold/1 Silver/0 Bronze

Lauren Woods- 3 Gold/2 Silver/2 Bronze

Abi Burr-3 Gold/1 Silver/1 Bronze

Tara Haworth-1 Gold/3 Silver/1 Bronze

Ben Broughton-1 Gold/2 Silver/1 Bronze

Bethany Walker-1 Gold/1 Silver/3 Bronze

Grace Wilson-1 Gold/0 Silver/1 Bronze


Other medallists:

Owen Jones- 1 Bronze

Nyah Anderton- 1 Bronze

Maisie Aubrey- 1 Bronze

Ella Wood - 1 Bronze


Elissa Gratton

Eve Beer

Catriona Lee

Charlotte bacon

Katie Day

Emilie Omerod

Zahra Benamara

Katie Choi

Heather Priest

Gabrielle Vickers

Bryony Martel

Jasmine Green

Thomas Green

Thomas Gray

Harrison wood

Amy woods


Mrs French