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Priory's Got Talent!

Maddie reports on the latest annual school Talent Show...

On the evening of Friday 16th of November, The Priory Academy LSST proved that its students weren’t just skilled academically, but had talents in many forms. Students across all three key stages were allowed to enter the Talent Show, whether they were singing, performing with a band or something entirely different!

The Talent Show was well attended, and by the time the doors closed all seats were taken. After Alice Trout and Jamie Tew, the presenters, had welcomed the guests and introduced the show, the acts began. These included a singing puppeteer, pianist, several solo singers and many more.

Nerves were running high behind the stage, but the show went on. Lily Reville and Wiktoria Bulczynska opened the show with a classic duet. It was a fantastic first act, and had the audience captivated by the time they drew to a close. Following their lead, the talent continued, with Morgan Rycroft performing a solo cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Your Song’. Jordan Day followed directly after, with impressions that left the audience with a stitch in their sides. He did impressions of famous characters, such as The Simpsons' ‘Mr Burns’ and Donald Duck. Possibly the best act of the evening was Year 9, Ellie Martland, who was singing ‘It’s a Fine, Fine Line’ along with her puppet. It brought tears to the audience’s eyes, as all the adults were taken on a trip back to young childhood. Ellie received a special mention from the judges as ‘most noteworthy performance’ at the end of the show.

Jesse Wilkinson opened the second half to the Talent Show. He sang whilst playing the piano, often cracking jokes along the way; it was a brilliant performance to start the second half. He received Second Place from the judges.    
Another highlight of the evening was Tereza Nekolova, who sang along to the backing track of ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perri. She blew the audience away with her beautiful voice.

Finally, the closing act for the talent show was a performance by Hattie Blow, who sang and played along with the piano. ‘She has a jaw-droppingly fantastic, powerful voice,’ Mrs Pomeroy, one of the organisers of the event, said. Hattie certainly seemed to have ended the show on a high note, and the audience were left clapping until their hands were sore.

The overall winners of the show were a Sixth Form band, with Jacob Kerr, George Ward and Thomas Dove as the three members. ‘They were very ‘tight’ and sounded professional,’ said Mrs Pomeroy. ‘They have been playing together for many years and were delighted to win, as they had never been placed before, despite taking part in the Talent Show for years’. Archie Moss earned a well deserved Third Place for playing his classical guitar beautifully.

All in all, The Priory Academy LSST Talent Show went down with a bang, following in the footsteps of previous memorable shows, which are held around Christmas every academic year. The students certainly showed the public that they weren’t just brains, but had talent too.

Maddie, Year 8