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RAF Cadets come 6th in the Air Squadron Trophy Competition 2015

On the 29th November, a group of 15 air cadets took part in the annual Ground Training competition held at RAF Cranwell. The cadets had to take part in a range of activities including: Drill, First Aid, Shooting, Aircraft Recognition, Fitness and Leadership. With little time to prepare and practise, everyone performed exceptionally meaning the Priory placed 6th out of 30 other schools that applied in the region.

Command Task / Leadership

The first activity of the day was the command task; designed to test leadership and team work skills. For this particular task we had to navigate a team of 8 people across numbered squares using only two boards of wood and three ammo boxes. The route that was taken had to add up to 21 however, our team’s mathematical skills seemed to be lacking, as it was only when the time was over did anyone realise the route we had taken added up to only 19. The hardest part of this task was working as a team, as the planks of wood were narrow and unsteady, meaning teamwork was a key area for success. Due to this, we had to rely on other team members for support to prevent us from falling off. Unfortunately, we still managed to fall off! Each time we fell off, a penalty was called which meant after we had to go back to the beginning and start again. Because of this, we did not complete the task within the 10 minute time constraint. Despite these minor mishaps, the priory placed 2nd out of the 15 schools that made it to the competition and I would like to especially congratulate Sgt Jacques who led the team calmly and confidently throughout the duration of the task.

Shooting /DCCT

Another task which the competition required us to complete was the DCCT test (shooting), however fortunately which more success than the command task! The cadets who partook in this activity were: Cdt Green, Cdt Chetwynd and Cdt Carzlinski, with LCpl Anderson as team leader. This task was particularly difficult for the cadets involved as we hadn’t done much training for this specific test, but the team came back and did us proud with their superb efforts and skill - making us in the top 5. Well done cadets!


One of the main activities that took place on the day was drill. This consisted of a pre-planned drill sequence, involving 13 cadets, and a uniform inspection. This meant that our uniform had to be immaculate and our sequence precise. Due to the high winds during the day, a few of the cadets had an issue with their beret’s flying off during our practise time! Thankfully, with many precautionary hairgrips from our quick thinking cadets, everyone was able to keep their berets securely on their heads throughout the all the drill manoeuvres. Cpl Frances took on the mighty role of drill commander, providing the sergeants and officer’s watching with an outstanding display. The sergeant marking the drill repeatedly said that it was a very impressive performance and that we should all be extremely proud of ourselves. Because of these extraordinary efforts, we placed 5th narrowly missing out on being in the top 3. A commendable effort to all cadets who took part – well done!



Similarly, LCpl Hoskin, Cdt Green, Cdt Morris, and Cdt Carzlinski performed outstandingly during the fitness task, and did the Priory very proud. The four cadets who took part in the fitness task had to endure the gruelling and physically demanding bleep test. This required the cadets to run at a steady pace between a measured distance in time with the ‘bleep’ being echoed during the task, but only when they heard the ‘bleep’, could they begin to run again. As each cadet endured the levels, the physical aspect of the test began to take its toll, meaning the cadet’s stamina had to be strong.  Outstandingly, they all achieved to level 9 and above, however special recognition must be awarded to Cdt Green who lasted the longest and managed to reach level 13 which was a great achievement for both Cdt Green and the whole group. The moral support for the fitness team was lovely to see with everyone cheering the fitness team on. Well done to all four cadets who took part in the fitness test, you did us proud!

First Aid

Another activity of the day was the first aid task. This involved a team of 4 cadets who had undergone intricate training for many situations which may arise during the task. We prepared a plan prior to entering the scenario however, this drastically changed as the scenario unfolded before us. The whole team remained incredibly calm under the pressure and completed the incident with only two minor mistakes. Well done to all.

Air Recognition

Whilst most of us were sat eating lunch, the air recognition team were taking on the hardest air recognition test yet. Cadets who took part in this were Cpl Dunnet, Cpl Frances, Lcpl Anderson and Cdt Chetwynd. They were tested to their limit with aircraft they hadn’t even heard of before.


All in all, we had a great turn out this year, although we didn’t do as well we did last year, the teams were strong and the positive morale of the contingent really paid off. We hope to follow this on next year or do even better.  I would like to congratulate all the cadets that were involved for their hard work and dedication so that the Priory could perform as well as we did. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for organising the day as without them we wouldn’t have been able to take part in the competition at all.  Overall, a very well done to all the cadets who took part and using this experience, I’m sure that next year The Priory LSST RAF cadets will exceed this year’s efforts.

LCpl Dyer and LCpl Cannings