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Army section camp 2015

Following a year-long build up, the Army section of the Priory Combined Cadet Force deployed on annual camp to Longmoor, a historic camp in the south of England, for a week of training supplied by 11 Infantry Brigade.

The week’s fieldcraft was centred on the infantry skills of section attacks and Training In Built Up Areas (TIBUA). To our collective delight, this involved some serious bangs, shouting, and engagements at extremely close range. This was instructed by serving soldiers of the Coldstream Guards, who had experienced the real thing.

In addition to that, the platoon spent another day on the training area doing some survival training, where we learnt how to start fire by friction, how to trap certain types of animal, and how to skin and gut a rabbit, which the troops took to with a surprising alacrity.

Camp life this year was enjoyable, with communal showers to escape the significant heat of each day and a sports field and NAAFI (Navy Army Air Force Institute, a small corner shop) to relax in after dinner. This was served daily in the cookhouse, which can be described as a petrol station for people with a very long que for the energy-giving ‘Scoff’, or food.

We spent the whole of our fourth day out on the ranges, where we were able to fire on the shotgun range, 25m range using our L98A2 rifles, the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT, a range using lasers and sensors mounted inside the weapons to assess shooting ability), and finally a SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux) 300m familiarisation shoot.

Competition was high on the agenda, with a march and shoot and a drill competition, and our contingent thrived. The drill team worked together as expertly as expected, and went on to win their trophy under Sergeants Chan and Anthony, outclassing a very practiced opposition.

The march and shoot competition involved a 1.5 mile fast march followed immediately by a shoot using the SUSAT-fitted weapons. The team screamed around the course, finishing faster than any other team, and then gave a display of precision shooting, with LCpl Carleton landing all of his shots in the bullseye. Special mention should be given to Corporals Bell and Wood for fighting through the pain of the march, allowing us to finish second overall.

The week was rounded off with the exercise, which was given an unusual twist this year. The scenario was that one section had been hit and injured in an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) strike, and were in need of rescue from another section. During the operation, the troops were contacted by a third section, who ambushed the rescuers.

To conclude, this year the cadets outperformed everything that was asked of them. The Training Team staff daily praised their achievements, we had the best shot out of all of the contingents in our ranks, we won the drill, and come a close second to lifting the march and shoot trophy as well. There were hard won and well deserved promotions and awards, and I hope that all of the cadets who went left with an immense feeling of satisfaction and pride in what they have done, as we were not the biggest, nor the best funded, equipped or located, but we were the best, and that is not something to be said lightly.

Greg Harrison

Cdt Company Sergeant Major

The Priory CCF Lincoln (Army Section)