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Rock Challenge Success

Tom reports on the National Rock Challenge Dance Finals...

In the month of October, students from The Priory were given the daunting task of planning an 8 minute long dance and drama piece which had to include original soundtracks and costumes. Naturally, we were up to the challenge! Committed pupils from Years 7 – 13 bravely stepped forward to represent the school. They knew it would be hard work, rehearsing every week from October to March, but they were sure that it would definitely be worth the hard work!

The leader was, of course, the wonderful Drama teacher, Miss Redgrave, who helped choreograph the dance and organised the visits to the contests. As a former participant in Rock Challenge, she understood that commitment and imagination was key and that anyone taking part had to be up for anything! Miss Redgrave said that “it provides opportunities for students to succeed out of the regular curriculum” and when asked for a single word to sum up Rock Challenge, she described it as “exciting!”

The Regional Finals finally arrived in March, and, after numerous hours of practising, this was the students’ time to shine. They finished an incredible…1st place! And with it came a huge trophy which is proudly displayed in the Drama office.

Recently, the Challenge Champions did some more 'rocking' as they headed to the National Finals at the end of June.  Out of the whole country, they finished an incredible 6th – an amazing effort from all involved! We also won awards for Best Hair Design and Best Video Performance.  Miss Redgrave said, "The sets and costumes there were like West End productions! We got some excellent feedback from the judges, with one judge explaining it was the best fire scene that had appeared in a National Final. Our topic was Hansel and Gretel and we burned the witch quite spectacularly!"

There were many workshops to take part in on the day as well, and many of the younger pupils said they particularly enjoyed working with the older pupils, as it gave them a rare chance to learn from their more experienced peers. 

Tom, Year 8