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Jolly Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June, the entire school enjoyed an afternoon of patriotism, sports and icecream!

On June 1st, the Priory Academy LSST was host to a competitive afternoon of sports and games.  Students from across the school had waited in anticipation for this day to come, and finally, it was here.

At one o’clock, students and staff filed to the school’s Olympic-sized running track, buzzing with excitement.  Competitors headed straight for the changing rooms, fighting for a space as Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 crammed in, with eight girls and boys from each form.

After twenty minutes of sorting and placing, the celebrations for the jubilee were about to commence. 

First were the Year 9s lining up uncertainly at the starting post.  Attempting to balance the bean bags on their heads, the countdown began: THREE...TWO...ONE...GO!  And they were off - bean bags flying left, right and centre!

The course consisted of all sixteen people from each form passing the baton from obstacle to obstacle.  From the beginning, we knew the concept was wonderfully crazy but it ended even more so as we saw the obstacles ranged from going over and under hurdles, to doing the hula-hoop whilst running! The school certainly put aside its calm, collected attitude as students yelled at the tops of their voices, supporting their teams!

Katie described her time on the track: ‘It was crazy!  Everyone was just having so much fun, and pushing themselves to the limits!  It was such a great idea.’

When all the excitement of the relays was over, on came the tug of war!  Everyone settled down on the grass bank, ice-cream to hand, and waited for some action.  Sure enough, they got some!  The first few rounds commenced with house against house battling and tugging with all their might.  Slowly, the games climbed to much more fearsome battles as the higher end of the school was reached.  In these games, there was a very clear sweep of who was strongest, but as the games approached teachers against Sixth Formers, the competition grew even more tense! 

The cheering from the crowds was deafening as the climax was reached; teachers against teachers!  The moment we had all been waiting for had arrived.

 As the teachers eyed each other, they grabbed hold of the rope, eager to prove themselves worthy.  Before the tug began, we could all sense something strange, and of course something was! 

The teachers were sent to pull, but did not pull very long as the rope tore apart in one shocking moment.  The pupils went wild with hysterics!  Such a finale to the celebration, seeing your teachers flat on the floor in giggles!

Mr Evans, one of the key organisers of the event, said, “I am very proud of what we've organised, and very happy with the amount of people taking part. If we could do it again, I would order more sunshine, but at least it’s not raining! My highlight of the day was seeing some of the teachers dressing up, and Mr Pearce has been fantastic at helping everyone find their way around the field and commentating on all the events.”

Both students and teachers had an amazing time, and I’m sure it will be a jubilee never forgotten!

Abbey, Year 8

Some quotations gathered by Jordyn, Year 7