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Jamie Set to Hit the Slam Jam Finals

Year 7 pupil, Jamie, makes it through to the county finals of the popular school poetry competition, Slam Jam.

Jamie from 7.4 will be representing our school in the “Slam Jam” finals. He recently competed in the semi-finals which took place at Lincoln Christ's Hospital School, on the 24thof May. Four schools took part: The Priory Academy LSST, North Kesteven, Christ's, and Sir William Robertson.

Three groups from our school competed in the semi-finals: Jamie from Year 7, three girls from Year 8 and Charlie from Year 9.  Jamie said “The other competitors were brilliant. They had so much confidence, they used the whole stage, and it was really well choreographed.”

Jamie’s poem was called 'My Awesomely Awesome Powers,' about a boy who has powers such as laser eyes and invisibility, but the story got more serious towards the end, asking people to be kind and respectful with the real powers they have.

For those who don’t know, Slam Jam is a poetry performance competition: the poem can be no longer than three minutes and must be performed without a script.

When the results were announced, Jamie was shocked to learn that he would also compete in the final, along with five other teams from the above schools. He said, “It’s the first time I have ever been that speechless, the standard was so high.” He also said how much he loved poetry and how the competition had helped him with his memory skills and helped him to become more confident.

In total, six competitors from the four schools will compete in the final. It takes place at the Drill Hall on the 28th of June and is for the whole of the county. We are hoping that Jamie will continue to be successful and we wish him good luck for the finals!

Danielle, Year 8