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Year 8 Student Nicole Shows Great Promise in Tennis

Nicole Hagan, a Year 8 student, has proved that The Priory not only turns out extremely gifted and high-achieving students but also the sportsmen and women of tomorrow!

Nicole was picked to represent Lincoln for the Tennis County Cup, 14 and under . The match was at Billesley Tennis Center from the 5th to the 7th of May. She had previously played in the 12 and under and the 10 and under.

The game was pretty close. Lincoln lost the first game due to a very strong team from Yorkshire so went into a consolation draw against Nottinghamshire, East of Scotland and Cumbria.

Each round consists of four singles matches and two doubles. In the singles, the first player plays against their opposing player, whereas in the doubles both players play together against the opposing team.

In the first round of the consolation draw Lincoln beat Nottingham so then went into the final against East of Scotland who beat Cumbria. This now meant that Lincoln were in the final of the draw which was extremely exciting and nerve-racking for Nicole and her team.

After the singles round, Lincoln were winning with 3:1 with just the doubles to play. If Lincoln lost both the doubles the match would be tied and there would have to be a 10 point tie break to decide the winner.  Lincoln therefore had to win just one of the doubles matches to stop this happening.  

Nicole and her partner, Dana, were first on court and won the first set with a comfortable 6:1 but East of Scotland came back fighting, winning the second set 6:4 which meant the match had to be decided on a 10 point tie break (which you have to win by two clear points)......all very tense indeed.

As the tie break progressed all the girls had to hold their nerve as it was neck and neck all the way...

Fortunately, Nicole and Dana just managed to win it 11:9, helping to seal the win for Lincolnshire in the consolation draw of the 14U Aegon County Cup. 

Well done, Nicole, and all the very best in your future competitions!

Morgan, Year 8