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Year 10 Music Students Produce their own Musicals

Two Year 10 Music classes are living proof that being taken out of one's comfort zone in the classroom is a trememdous way to learn new skills!

Over the past five weeks, our Year 10 Music groups have put in time and dedication towards creating a unique musical experience. The motivation was to increase our knowledge and understanding of the genre of musicals as part of the GCSE set works. It also made us realise how complex and intricate putting together a musical can really be.   

To begin our musical adventure, we sat down as a group and mind-mapped several ideas as to what our musical could be about. We went for all the musical clichés that make great show business, including themes of love, betrayal and death.…and hit men! We then assigned the characters to every member of our group. These would not only be the characters we would compose for but also perform as.

The characters consisted of: a drug baron and his domineering wife, a psychopathic son, two ruthless assassins, a young man in love, a cheating fiancé and a narrator. The composition of each song made us explore the emotions of the characters and their journeys through the plot.

Jonathan commented: “Doing this really helped me work out how to write lyrics for a song. They can be really difficult to fit with the rhythm!”

The entire project, led by Mr Billinger, was clearly a success, allowing each and every student to gain and strengthen some valuable skills. Lewis agrees: “I feel that after this project I have a greater understanding of the musical genre.” Hannah said, “My confidence in performing and composing has grown due to this musical journey,” and Tom said he “had great fun working as a team.”

Written by the Year 10 Music classes.