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California football tour

In October boys from Year 9 and 10 went to United states to play football against american teams and to enjoy the wonders of the US. The tour took them to  4 hotels and they traveled down the west coast of California, from North to South.

In October 2014 boys from year 9 and 10 went to California to play against American football teams and to experience the wonders of California. We went to 4 hotels and traveled down the west coast of California, from North to South. We landed in San Francisco, after a long 9 and a half hour flight and spent three nights in a Holiday Inn. While we were there we played against San Francisco University High School. Unfortunately the first team were narrowly beaten however, the second team got a victory from this match, which set us up in high spirits for the rest of the tour. Whilst we were in San Francisco we also experienced some amazing sites such as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. We also got a treat as we went to Six Flags Discovery Centre, which is a theme park with some massive rides. This was a thrilling experience and was not to be forgotten.


After a great first three nights we travelled to Santa Barbra where we stayed at a Best Western and spent two nights here. We played our second match of the tour against Costal Valley Soccer Club. Unfortunately both teams were beaten here, however this didn’t drop the spirits of the teams.  We also went to the beach for a day and had a relaxing time swimming in the sea and playing beach football. We also got to go ocean kayaking and boogie boarding, which was lots of fun.


We then travelled to Santa Monica and stayed in a Comfort Inn. We stayed there for 2 nights and were nearing the end of our tour. However, we did still have 2 more games to play. In Santa Monica we played against Manhattan Sand and Surf Soccer Club where again both teams narrowly missed out on a victory, however again this did not break our spirits and we were determined to win the last game. We also went to the film center Universal Studios Hollywood where we got to go to all the simulations and rides relating to films. This was a great experience as it was also Halloween, so it was a bit spooky and everyone was getting into the Halloween spirit. This was my favorite bit of the tour as we also got to see movie sets from King Kong and War of the Worlds!


As we neared the end of the trip we started to get a little bit sad, but we still had one more place to visit and one more game to play. Finally we stayed in San Diego and had a great last three nights in a Comfort Inn Hotel.  For our final match we played against Albion Soccer Club, who were a fast paced and very good team. Unfortunately we didn’t get a win out of our last game of the tour but was happy with how we had performed. While we were there we also went to SeaWorld, which is an aquarium and a theme park. It was lots of fun and was a great end to the tour. Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience and was a real success!



By Lex Robinson